Essential Collegiate Gear

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Now that school has started back up for everyone, I’m sure that lots of you have been going to school-related activities.  Some recent events you may have gone to include (but are not limited to): tailgates, pep rallies, concerts, picnics, volleyball games, festivals, fairs, and of course football games.   If you haven’t, well then you’re just lame.

In order to get you more prepared for these activities and others, I have come up with a list of essentials that you could use at a number of these listed events.  Please pay close attention:

Collegiate Grill Cover- $57.95
I’m sure lots of you have cooked out recently, or at least within the past couple months.  Keeping your grill in perfect condition is essential to perfecting your steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs or other meat of choice.  It’s important to keep the grill protected from all weather elements and other outdoor conditions that cause damage to the grill.

Steak Branding Iron- $29.95

What’s better than a nice, hot, juicy steak on a lovely fall day filled with football and food?  Nothing.  Except a nice, hot, juicy steak branded with your favorite team logo for all the world to see on a lovely fall day filled with football and food.  Now that’s living.

Collegiate Welcome Mat- $32.95

So maybe you can’t make it to the game this weekend.  That’s ok, because now you’ve been given the perfect opportunity to have the most awesome football-watching party kn0wn to mankind.  Because the party has moved to your house, you need to make sure all of your guests are comfortable and treated like royalty.  As soon as they arrive at your doorstep, show them how courteous you are by welcoming them into your home in style.

Virginia Diner Collegiate Peanut Tin, 16 oz- $7.95

Now whether the party is at your house or at a tailgate in a parking lot, it’s important to keep the overall theme obvious and consistent.  You can’t just stop at the decorations and accessories.  You have to go all out!  One subtle item that makes a big impact and is sure to impress your guests with your sense of team spirit is a Peanut Tin from the Virginia Diner supporting your team all the way!

In case you were wondering about all the other completely necessary items you absolutely have to have in order to throw the best tailgate/football party anyone has ever seen, here is a list to help you out (and every single one can be personalized with a Virginia Tech logo!!).

Collegiate Metro Insulated Basket- $44.95

Collegiate Oniva Seat- $46.95

Fiero Collegiate BBQ Tool Set- $71.95

Collegiate 3-piece BBQ Tool and Tote Set- $32.95

Collegiate Zuma Picnic Backpack- $38.95

Collegiate Malibu Insulated Picnic Tote- $85.95

Collegiate Folding Picnic Table- $98.95

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